Our solutions

Do you need to sell your property as quickly and discreetly as possible?

LIGHTMOVE buys your property at a competitive price in 1 visit

With the solution FLASH, you have the certainty of selling, without the worries of traditional sales. LIGHTMOVE is your final buyer. Analyze your situation in 3 minutes by completing the LIGHTMOVE questionnaire and receive an indicative purchase offer in 3 days. It’s free and without obligation.

The contract is signed with a notary, a classic direct sale.


Analyse your situation, it's free and without obligation

Fill out the LIGHTMOVE questionnaire to analyse your situation. This allows us to assess your property and understand your needs. For the FLASH sale, you can choose when you want to retrieve the keys for maximum convenience.


Lightmove will send you an indicative offer within 3 days

If your property meets our criterias, our specialists will prepare your offer by combining technologies and field expertise to define a competitive price for your property.


If this indicative offer suits you, we will organise a visit

During this visit and meeting, your dedicated LIGHTMOVE specialist will visit your property in detail. This visit will also allow you to review all the documents necessary for the sale of your property. The list appears in your indicative offer.


Lightmove will send you a binding offer 3 days after the visit

Following the visit and the review of the documents, Lightmove will send you a binding offer. If you accept it, we will send you the deed of sale and organise the signing with a notary.

We adapt the date of handing over the keys to your wishes to offer you maximum comfort.


It's sold!

And yes, the FLASH sale is that easy.