About us

Who is Lightmove?

Lightmove SA is a Swiss technology company providing real estate services, created within the EPFL innovation park. Lightmove combines technology, human expertise and access to immediate liquidity to offer a unique range of solutions for owner-sellers of their real estate in Switzerland.

The raison d’être of Lightmove is to offer the certainty of a fast, discreet and flexible real estate sale. To do this, Lightmove acquires your property.

Lightmove benefits from a significant acquisition capacity by being supported by Polytech Ventures Holding SA as well as the real estate group Investis Holding SA, listed on the Swiss stock exchange.

How does Lightmove set its price?

The Lightmove technological platform analyses your property and your sales context. This reduces multiple uncertainties and allows Lightmove to offer you a competitive offer and a finalised transaction in a few days.

The price of the Lightmove purchase offer is based on the combination of 5 elements.

  1. The “Lightmove Cockpit” technological platform
  2. The “Lightmove Marketability Index” which assesses the attractiveness of a property
  3. Assessment tools used by Swiss banks
  4. Dynamic analysis of the local real estate market
  5. The field experience of your local Lightmove specialist

Why Lightmove?

Do you need discretion and don’t want your friends, neighbours and strangers to see your interior photos on the Internet?

Do you need the certainty of selling quickly?

Do you need comfort and just want to sell without the hassle of a traditional sale?

Do you need the flexibility to carry out your sales and purchase project?

Does your apartment require major renovations?

Has your apartment been on the market for several months and no buyer on the horizon?

Don’t want to organise dozens of tours without any guarantees?


Lightmove solutions offer a multitude of advantages.